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In her two previous (and absolutely riveting) books, The Devil’s Teeth, and The Wave, Susan Casey managed to both debunk and mythologize some of the most terrifying phenomena in the ocean – Great White sharks, and giant waves. In Voices in the Ocean, Casey turns to the seas for inspiration again, but the monster she profiles is the most devastating of all: man. Our violent and senseless exploitation of the ocean and its creatures happens mostly out of sight, thus out of mind. Perhaps if we can see the heartbreaking consequences of our actions through the prism of the sea’s most charismatic residents, the dolphins, we will forge alternate paths. Casey’s is one more powerful voice for the ocean, and I fervently hope people are listening. -Sara, Atlanta
Mezrich'd= To take a complicated potentially boring subject and remove all the boring parts, add a narrative, and dig up all the soap opera'ish details.
The rise of Vladimir Putin is Mezrich'd in the best way possible in Once Upon a Time in Russia. This book has more political machinations and less gambling then most of Ben's previous books but it is still a non stop roller-coaster of a read. Learn about the Oligarchs who put Russia's leader in power. Their lives of excess and ego are on full display and their magnificent fall from the top too. But is this retribution at the expense of world peace? Only time will tell. -Justin, Atlanta


Kathy Reichs is a crime writer with a PhD degree in Physical Anthropology. Having served as a forensic anthropology consultant for various examiners offices, Reichs writes her stories and experiences through the eyes of Temperance Brennan, the star of the self-titled series. Brennan solves missing person cases and murders by digging up bones and finding the stories hidden within. In 2005, her series became the basis of the popular TV show, Bones. Although the show does not follow the books closely, Reichs ensures that the science is correct.

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Speaking in BonesKathy Reichs
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