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Con "El Juego del Angel," el autor "de La Sombra del Viento" vuelve al cautivador mundo de la Barcelona del Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados para sumergirnos de nuevo en una apasionante historia de traicion, tragedia y amor.
David Martin es un joven periodista y aspirante a escritor en los anos 20 que pasa rapidamente de escribir en un pequeno diario local a publicar novelas, primero bajo pseudonimo y mas tarde bajo su propio nombre. Al mismo tiempo, espoleado por la mujer que ama, Cristina Sagnier, reescribe secretamente la novela de su amigo y mentor Pedro Vidal. Cuando las dos novelas ven la luz, la suya es vapuleada por la critica mientras que la de Vidal se convierte en un exito. David, hundido, aceptara entonces la misteriosa propuesta del editor Andrea Corelli de escribir una historia por la que los hombres sean capaces de vivir y morir .
Entretanto, David se introduce al fascinante universo del Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados, donde las reglas le permiten salvar un solo libro. La eleccion del inquietante "Lux Aeterna," escrito por un hombre con sus mismas iniciales D.M., no sera tan casual como David cree. Mientras escribe el libro y a la vez trata de poner orden en su vida, David se vera envuelto en una absorbente trama con Andrea Corelli, Pedro Vidal, Cristina Sagnier y el enigmatico escritor D.M., cuyo descenso a los infiernos replica escalofriantemente el del propio David.
"El Juego del Angel" es una gran aventura de intriga, romance y tragedia, a traves de un laberinto de secretos donde el embrujo de los libros, la pasion y la amistad se conjugan en un relato magistral.

About the Author

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, author of two critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling novels, The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel's Game, is one of the world's most-read and best-loved writers. His work, which also includes prizewinning young adult novels, has been translated into more than fifty languages and published around the world, garnering numerous international prizes and reaching millions of readers. He divides his time between Barcelona and Los Angeles.

Praise For…

Fans of Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind and new readers alike will be delighted with this gothic semiprequel. In 1920s Barcelona, David Martin is born into poverty, but, aided by patron and friend Pedro Vidal, he rises to become a crime reporter and then a beloved pulp novelist. David’s creative pace is frenetic; holed up in his dream house—a decrepit mansion with a sinister history—he produces two great novels, one for Vidal to claim as his own, and one for himself. But Vidal’s book is celebrated while David’s is buried, and when Vidal marries David’s great love, David accepts a commission to write a story that leads him into danger. As he explores the past and his mysterious publisher, David becomes a suspect in a string of murders, and his race to uncover the truth is a delicious puzzle: is he beset by demons or a demon himself? Zafón’s novel is detailed and vivid, and David’s narration is charming and funny, but suspect. Villain or victim, he is the hero of and the guide to this dark labyrinth that, by masterful design, remains thrilling and bewildering. (June) -- Publishers Weekly, starred Review

Another delicious supernatural mystery from bestselling Catalan author Zafón (The Shadow of the Wind, 2005).Mix Edgar Allan Poe with Jorge Luis Borges, intellectual mysterian Arturo Pérez-Reverte, and maybe add a dash of Stephen King, and you have some of the makings of Zafón’s sensibility. Fans of his earlier book will be pleased to find themselves on patches of familiar ground, including a revisit to that wonderful conceit, the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Indeed, this is a prequel–but only of a kind: Familiar figures turn up at points, only to seem less than familiar as the narrative twists and turns. The none-too-heroic hero, David Martín, is an aspiring journalist who bucks hackwork to turn in a crowd-pleasing series for a tough boss. This leads him into an onerous contract with the usual crooked publishers and, indirectly, into a rivalry with his former mentor–all of which, naturally, entails love triangles and smoldering egos. The picture is complicated by the arrival of another curious publisher, Andreas Corelli, who offers David piles of pesetas to write, well, a book of a different sort, involving research that yields piles of corpses and occasions ample cliffhangers. Zafón has a fine talent for inserting unexpected hitches into a story line already resistant to graphing, whose outcome is definitely not seen from afar. The plot resolves in a rush, for the author finds himself with many a loose end to tie up, but once it sinks in, the result is more than satisfying. Zafón delivers a warning about the dangers of obsession, mixed with an obvious passion for literature and the printed word; his book is also a song of love for Barcelona with all its creaking floorboards and hidden subbasements.A nice fit with the current craze for learned mysteries and for spooks of both the spying and the spectral kind. -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Shadow of the Wind

“One gorgeous read”—Stephen King

“Diabolically good”—Elle magazine

“Superbly entertaining”—Washington Post

“Breathtaking”—New York Times

“Wondrous”—Entertainment Weekly

“Magic”—New York Times Book Review

“Absolutely marvelous”—Kirkus

“Infectious”—The Economist

“Outstanding”—Library Journal


“Gripping”—Philadelphia Inquirer

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