The Wings That Fly Us Home

The Wings That Fly Us Home (Paperback)

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Aletta Honor’s psychic gift for reading people’s futures seems to have vanished overnight. What is curious is that the disappearance coincided with a mysterious visit from a Native American who came bearing an eagle feather and a cryptic message. Then there’s the cousin Aletta never knew she had (a young political revolutionary on the run), who suddenly appears at her doorstep and shares a shocking secret about their family.

One thing’s for sure: Aletta’s poised for change. Her no-good alcoholic ex-husband is stirring up trouble, a new lover turns out to be bad news, and she can’t bear another day of lying to unsuspecting customers. As Aletta digs deeper into her family history, her mission becomes clear: If she ever hopes to regain her clairvoyance, she must go to New Mexico to uncover her great grandmother Adelaide’s fascinating but troubling past. So with some kooky friends dying for an adventure outside the confines of their small-town world, Aletta sets off for the southwest, where she will finally come to understand her special talent and the real meaning of life.

Praise for The Wings That Fly Us Home…

“Dunbar writes with charm and good humor, and in Aletta Honor she has created a character you’ll remember.”
–Lorna Landvik, author of Oh My Stars

“Dayna Dunbar has Barbara Kingsolver’s gift for portraying human weaknesses with warmth and compassion. Her strength lies in evoking the magic of place and that inexplicable yet powerful connection between heart and home.”
–Janice Graham, author of Firebird

“A warm and loving picture of small-town life in America. What I especially like are the women who, against all odds, find the strength to take that life into their own hands.”
–Loraine Despres, author of The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc

Product Details ISBN-10: 034546043X
ISBN-13: 9780345460431
Published: Ballantine Books
Pages: 320
Language: English