And Baby Makes Two (Paperback)

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At thirty-seven, Jane Howe is pretty sure she has attained the perfect life: a well-paying job, fantastic friends, family close by (but not too close), and a Greenwich Village apartment that makes visitors drool with envy. But that's before she sees the perfect child. There he sits in his stroller, angelic and beautiful, magnetic and serene- and he makes Jane question everything she has and everything she thought she wanted.
Suddenly all she can see are babies and pregnant woman everywhere. Were there always so many of them? And while there was once a man in her life-her one true love, Sam, gone from this world too soon-there is no man now. Jane must make a choice: possibly become a bitter and childless old lady, letting her biological clock tick on 'till menopause, or tend the ache in her heart now, by becoming a single mother.
As Jane struggles to make the most important decision of her life, friends and family offer no shortage of opinions. There's Ray, her "hubstitute" and gay best friend who would be jealous of any kid who got Jane as a mom; Sheila, her sister, who went from zero to sixty when she eloped with Raoul-who had two young twin sons- and has mixed feelings about being a new mommy; her strict, Catholic father who can' t imagine what level of hell Jane would banish herself to if she becomes a single mother; and the women of Families with Children from China who are preparing to adopt orphan daughters-without a man in sight. Just as she thinks she's made up her mind, Jane discovers one small wrench in her plans: handsome, charming, funny Peter, who just happens to be (unhappily) married.
. . . And Baby Makes Two is a heartbreakingly honest, wonderfully addictive, and funny novel about love and loss, family and friendship. Judy Sheehan, co-creator of the smash hit Tony n' Tina's Wedding, has perfectly captured the delights and dilemmas of the scariest job in the world: motherhood.

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About the Author

Judy L. Sheehan, MSN, RN, is the Director of Nursing Education at Butler Hospital, Providence, RI. She also serves as the Nurse Review Peer Leader for the Massachusetts Association of RNs and is an instructor in psychiatric nursing and family and community health nursing at the University of Rhode Island School of Nursing. Ms Sheehan has authored and co-edited two books and published the CD-ROM "De-Stress: Coping and Managing Computer Generated Stress."
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ISBN: 9780345485588
ISBN-10: 0345485580
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: February 13th, 2007
Pages: 320
Language: English