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Devlin of Duncaer is the Chosen One, champion of the Kingdom of Jorsk. A simple metalsmith and farmer turned warrior, he has become the most unlikely of heroes to the conquerors of his own people, the Caerfolk. Yet there is a growing faction of Jorskians who believe that if he were truly anointed as Chosen One by the Gods, then the immortals would have given him the Sword of Light as proof of his calling.
Missing for generations, the sword is more myth than reality. But Devlin knows where to find it. Lost in battle after the Jorskians brutal massacre of Caerfolk, it has remained in Duncaer, a souvenir of one of the land's darkest days.
Feeling more than ever a pawn of fate and a plaything of the Gods who drive him Devlin must return to the land of his birth, back to the people who have denounced him. For he is bound by an oath he has no choice but to obey...a promise he may have to die to keep.
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ISBN: 9780553584769
ISBN-10: 0553584766
Publisher: Spectra Books
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2003
Pages: 416
Language: English
Series: Sword of Change