Meissen Porcelain (Paperback)

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Once worth more than its weight in gold, Meissen Porcelain has graced the households of royalty and artistocracy for hundreds of years. Famed ceramic expert and Antiques Roadshow stalwart John Sandon explores the history of this precious commodity: from its mysterious discovery by an imprisoned alchemist held captive in the King of Saxony's castle, to its reputation as the most beautiful of all porcelains. Providing further insight into the beautiful world of chinaware, "Meissen Porcelain "is an essential topic for the growing Shire list, and a welcome volume to join Sandon's carefully detailed titles in the Shire collection: "British Porcelain" and "Worcester Porcelain.
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ISBN: 9780747807773
ISBN-10: 0747807779
Publisher: Shire Publications
Publication Date: August 24th, 2010
Pages: 120
Language: English
Series: Shire Collections