Wacousta: A Tale of the Canadas (Paperback)

By John Richardson, James Reaney (Afterword by)
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Set in the 1760s at the time of Pontiac’s Indian alliance against the British, Wacousta combines elements of revenge tragedy and gothic romance in reconstructing a violent episode in Canadian frontier history. In Major John Richardson’s vivid depiction, Pontiac’s campaign against Fort Detroit is masterminded by the mysterious Wacousta, a Byronic anti-hero whose thirst for vengeance against the fortress commander borders on madness. Turning upon binary oppositions – garrison against wilderness, restraint against passion, mercy against justice – this suspenseful novel creates a world of deception and terror in which motive is ambiguous and the boundary between order and anarchy unclear.

First published in 1832, Wacousta anticipated many of the themes that would assume central importance in the Canadian narrative imagination. The New Canadian Library edition is an unabridged reprint of the complete original text.

About the Author

JOHN RICHARDSON JR., Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, edits the "Theses in Documents" column for Government Publications Review.

James Reaney was born on a farm in South Easthope near Stratford, Ontario in 1926. He has won the Governor General's Award three times for his poetry, though he is perhaps better-known as a playwright, especially for his landmark Donnelly trilogy (1974-75). Reaney's theatrical adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking-Glass" returned to the stage at Stratford in the summer of 1996.

His work includes: "The Red Heart", poems, 1949; "A suit of Nettles", poems, 1958; "Twelve Letters to a Small Town", poems, 1962; "The Killdeer & Other Plays", drama, 1962; "Colours in the Dark", drama, 1969; "Collected Poems", 1972; "Listen to the Wind", drama, 1972; "The Donnellys", a trilogy of plays, 1974-75; "Baldoon (with C.H. Gervais)", 1976; "The Boy With an R in His Hand", young adult, 1980; "Take the Big Picture", young adult, 1986; "Alice Through the Looking-Glass", stage adaptation, 1994. James Reaney di

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