This Business of Music: The Definitive Guide to the Music Industry (Hardcover)

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(Book). The bible of the music industry with over 500,000 copies sold Now in its tenth edition, This Business of Music has been revised and completely updated to reflect the latest changes in the ever-evolving music business. An entirely new chapter has been added, asking and answering the question "Are there borders in cyberspace?" The answer is yes, and this book clearly and concisely explains what they are and how to maintain them. Commentary on recent legislation, a reader-friendly summary of the laws on copyright duration, and much more insightful analysis plus fully updated lists of music organizations and important websites make This Business of Music indispensable for musicians, agents, managers, marketers, music publishers and groups, colleges and universities, and everyone who wants to make music and make money.

About the Author

Krasilovsky an attorney specializing in music and copyright matters. He has been an associate counsel to the Songwriters Guild of America and special music counsel to the United Nations and UNICEF.

M. William Krasilovsky is an attorney specializing in music and copyright. He has been a trustee of the Copyright Society of America and has served as music counsel to Warner Music and special music counsel to the United Nations and UNICEF. As an adjunct professor at New York University and the State University of New York, Mr. Krasilovsky taught courses on the music business and on ethical issue important to the entertainment industry. He contributes frequently to entertainment and law journals and has lectured at universities and bar associations across the country. He lives in Stamford, CT.
Sidney Shemel died in 1994, and his work on the first six editions of this book is still very much in evidence throughout the current text. Mr. Shemel was Vice President of Music at MGM-UA and vice president and legal counsel to the United Artists Corporation's record companies and its domestic and international music publishing subsidiaries.
John M. Gross, a graduate of Harvard Law School, practices entertainment and music law. Mr. Gross served as Vice President and General Counsel of the Entertainment Division of Commonwealth United Corp. and later became a partner in the law firm of Arrow, Edelstein & Gross, P.C. He lives and works in New York City.
Jonathan Feinstein, a New York and California attorney specializing in intellectual property strategy related to entertainment and technology ventures, was educated at Wesleyan University and Northwestern University Law School. He holds several patents and has developed commercially successful products. As an entrepreneur and executive in Silicon Valley and Seattle, he has worked with Apple Computer and Sophisticated Circuits, Inc., among others. He serves as an advisor and expert witness on media technology.

John Gross attended Washington University of St. Louis and upon graduation with an electrical engineering degree, he entered the U.S. Air Force as a project manager. After leaving the U.S. Air Force, he entered private industry. In his civilian career, he has been a plant engineer, engineering manager, business unit manager, and corporate engineer in both the food and automotive industries. In addition to this book, Mr. Gross has also written The Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance and has been published internationally in various trade magazines on the subject of productivity. He holds a master of administration degree from Central Michigan University. He is a licensed professional engineer, a Six-Sigma Blackbelt, and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer.
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