Cooking Well: Honey for Health & Beauty: Over 75 Recipes, Remedies and Natural Treatments (Paperback)

By Nathaniel Altman, Lauren Feder (Foreword by), Marie Courtier (Introduction by)
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Discover the proven and powerful health, beauty and healing properties of nature's miracle medicine: honey.
For millions of years, bees have worked tirelessly to create nature's miracle medicine: honey. In this important book, "Cooking Well: Honey for Health & Beauty," the unique healing properties of honey are revealed, placing the power of this low-cost and effective natural treatment in your family's hands.
Whether as a healing agent for minor wounds and burns, a soothing ingredient for sore throats and coughs, a beauty treatment rich in anti-oxidants for youthful skin, or as a potent antibiotic, honey has become and essential part of natural cures and remedies.
"Cooking Well: Honey for Health & Beauty"""also explains how the recent, rapid decline in honeybee population is damaging to our environment and lists ways that you can help honeybees thrive. After all, the health of our planet, the health of the honeybee, and our health as individuals are inextricably linked.
Featuring over 75 honey-based recipes for better health, beauty and nutrition, "Cooking Well: Honey for Health & Beauty"""is all you need to harness the precious gift of honey bees.

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ISBN: 9781578262885
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Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Publication Date: August 25th, 2009
Pages: 160
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