Purry Logic

Purry Logic (Hardcover)

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An all-new, all-feline collection of adorable illustrations, humorous sayings, and unadulterated cattitude from the creator of FURRY LOGIC.

Filled with wry witticisms to perk up even the most finicky cat lovers, PURRY LOGIC puts a distinctly feline twist on Jane Seabrook's popular FURRY LOGIC books. This delightful collection presents cuddly cats offering purr-worthy pick-me-ups like, "My only purpose in this life is to rest and recover from my previous lives," "If you didn't make the rules, just ignore them," and "When fat, arrange yourself in slim poses." Watercolor-painted in loving detail, Seabrook's sleek and sassy kitties remind us that the best things in life are furry.

Attention Bloggers: Our holiday giveaway is now closed! Thanks so much to all the bloggers who read, loved, reviewed, and gave away the book to their readers!Reviews“Cat lovers rejoice! … Jane Seabrook gives readers inspiring words to live by alongside the cutest images of kitties.”—Complete Woman “The Best Understanding of a Feline Mind Award goes to author/illustrator Jane Seabrook...guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”—Cat Fancy  "Good for a few moments of real pleasure and cheer...enjoyable by people of all ages and circumstances."—Louisville Courer Journal

About the Author

JANE SEABROOK is a designer and illustrator who, in recent years, has focused on paintings of wildlife. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, two teenage children, and four cats--three adorable seal-point Birmans named Fizz, Bean, and Maisie, and one elderly British blue named Philby.

Product Details ISBN-10: 1580089046
ISBN-13: 9781580089043
Published: Ten Speed Press
Pages: 72
Language: English