Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships: Meditations, Real-Life Applications, and More (Compact Disc)

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Designed as both a stand-alone guide and an audio companion to John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher's long-awaited book "Psychic Psychology, "this audio recording teaches listeners how to tap their psychic ability to improve their relationships with their families, partnerships, workplaces, and wider communities.
Centering more on practical, real-world applications than on esoteric theory, the course begins with a series of guided visualizations to help students recognize their own authentic psychic energy and free themselves from energetic obstructions. The system teaches powerful tools such as grounding, breaking psychic blocks, and finding the energy space to react positively to life's challenges. Individual chapters explore each sex's unique gender energy. As students go through the course and deepen their understanding of psychic energy, they build their skills and gain powerful insights into the nature of reality.

About the Author

John Friedlander graduated from Duke University and Harvard Law School, and studied with Lewis Bostwick at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California. He is a popular speaker and seminar leader in psychic awareness. John and his wife currently live in Saline, MI.
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ISBN: 9781583942772
ISBN-10: 1583942777
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication Date: July 26th, 2011
Pages: 1
Language: English
Series: Psychic Psychology