The Wallflower 17

The Wallflower 17 (Paperback)

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Just when Sunako and the four hottest guys in Japan had finally gotten used to living together, their landlady springs a shocking surprise: She’s going to remodel the mansion and they’ll be temporarily relocated to a luxury hotel. Now Sunako and the guys are living it up in a gorgeous five-star pleasure palace–exactly the type of place Sunako can’t stand. To make matters worse, the landlady has reserved a special suite just for Sunako and Kyohei. Unable to cope, Sunako flees in terror, and Kyohei follows. Now Sunako and Kyohei are hiding out together in a tiny studio apartment. Wait a sec. It’s almost like they’re . . . shacking up!

This volume of The Wallflower includes special extras after the story!

Product Details ISBN-10: 1612623298
ISBN-13: 9781612623290
Published: Kodansha Comics
Pages: 208
Language: English