Go!games Super Colossal Book of Word Search: 365 Great Puzzles (Paperback)

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Love word searches? Then try this super-duper colossal collection of 365 searches a full year's worth of mind-melting puzzles that will (as a bonus) improve your vocabulary, too. Every page has TWO word searches on it, each with a cool theme, like "File Extensions" and "Fountains" or "Jelly Beans" and "Letter Order."
See how many "Movie Stars" (Damon, Diesel, Streep) catch your eye or fun "Onomatopoeia" words you can circle boom, buzz, clang, click, gurgle, hiccup, honk. Experts who want something really challenging will find what they want here, too. "Conifer" includes such tree names as bristlecone, loblolly, and tamarack, while "Quantum Mechanics" offers bosons, fermions, and isobar. And for something a little unusual, there's even a "Minnesota Zip Code" puzzle, where you look for groups of numbers. But the truly brain-busting ones come at the end of the book, when the puzzles veer from the standard to the really challenging, and some even have no word list at all. They re hard, they re tough . . . and they re wildly entertaining

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Christy Davis has authored several children's mystery adventure books for kids' ages eight and up. Her books are about ordinary kids on extraordinary adventures. She has attended writing courses, and completed a variety of articles for numerous publications. She's recently had a series of short stories entitled 'OOGO the Caveboy', published in HEALTHLIGHT magazine. These stories have been published in a book form, in e-book form, and are also available in audio book form. Her published children's books include: The Mountain of Stone, Newshounds, Edgar, and Scary Story. Each of these books will soon be available in e-book and audio books. christydavischildrensbooks.com
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ISBN: 9781623540029
ISBN-10: 162354002X
Publisher: Imagine Publishing
Publication Date: August 2013
Pages: 429
Language: English