Higher Sudoku: New Variations from Japan (Paperback)

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Sudoku has become synonymous with the word crazy in the USA, b ut the world has yet to see much of what puzzle-masters from Japan have to offer. Higher Sudoku: New Variations from Japan is the definitive edition of puzzles that draws the curtains on a new generation of Sudoku - a world teeming with cleverly layered teasers all custom-made by mand and human mind.

About the Author

Tetsuya Nishio, world champion of number-logic puzzles, reigns as the single most important figure in Sudoku in Japan. Nishio is also the inventor of O'Ekaki, or "Paint by Numbers" puzzles.
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ISBN: 9781932234305
ISBN-10: 1932234306
Publisher: Vertical
Publication Date: May 9th, 2006
Pages: 157
Language: English