Our booksellers Jenn & Rebecca got the chance to ask one of their favorite authors five questions. Of course they couldn't stop at just five...
Chloe Benjamin is the author of The Immortalists and The Anatomy of Dreams.

1. Your works have won numerous awards and recognitions. What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of - and grateful for - the way The Immortalists has resonated with readers. Writers spend years whittling away on a project without knowing if anyone else will connect with it, so to see the way that readers have embraced the Golds has been so exciting.



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1. I can easily picture The Flight Attendant   as a movie. Are there any talks about doing so?

Thank you. And there are more than talks. It is in development right now with Warner Brothers Television as a limited series. It will star Kaley Cuoco as flight attendant Cassie Bowden. (Kaley is also producing.) Kaley will be perfect as Bowden: I love Cassie - her vulnerability, her demons, her humor, and (yes) her strength - and I cannot think of a better actor than Kaley to bring her to life.


The Curse of Oak Island

By Randall Sullivan

Fans of a good treasure hunt will love this book. One of the biggest mysteries in North America is what happened on Oak Island in the 17th century to cause so many people for the next 300 years to dedicate their lives to uncovering the truth. This story has it all: pirates, Templars, Francis Bacon, cutting-edge technology, and fraudsters. Will someone find the treasure or is the island cursed? –Justin, Atlanta


Heavy: An American Memoir

By Kiese Laymon

Heavy indeed. A spare and gorgeously written memoir that is heavy in the sense of being powerful, rich, sad, intense. Heavy in the sense of being physically and metaphorically burdened, with the trauma of American racism, with the struggles of poverty, with the complex and often conflicting desires individuals have for themselves, their family and their loved ones. And yet also, heavy: that sweet and awestruck slang used when in the presence of a profound and meaningful truth. –Sara, Atlanta


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