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2023 Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday Lights

Our Favorite Fiction

2023 Bookseller Picks

Fourth Wing cover image

Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yarros
"There is a reason this book went viral and is on everyone’s “Best Of” lists. Fourth Wing has something for everyone: fantasy, action, romance, a strong female lead and yes-dragons! I don’t ordinarily read this genre, but maybe Fourth Wing has changed that for me-I found this book thoroughly engaging and entertaining. From a pulse-pounding start to an ending that has me eagerly awaiting the sequel, Fourth Wing delivered on all levels!" -Paige, New Jersey
Tom Lake cover image

Tom Lake

By Ann Patchett

Check out the audiobook, narrated by Meryl Streep!
Lone Women cover image

Lone Women

By Victor Lavalle
“So, what is in the trunk Adelaide? It is the early 1900s, central California and Adelaide Henry has just set her family farm ablaze leaving her parents’ bodies to burn up in the flames. On the run, she drags along a heavy steamer trunk filled with something much more potent than family secrets. She heads to Montana where word has it that single women of a certain age can homestead and lay claim to their own land.  Victor LaValle deftly weaves elements of horror and mystery into a work of historical fiction something like Willa Cather crossed with Stephen King. Readers of his previous book, the much-lauded, The Changeling (check out the recently released Apple+ series, it’s excellent) will not be disappointed—fun, scary, and smart.” -Matt, Los Angeles
Chain Gang All Stars cover image

Chain Gang All Stars

By Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Chain Gang All Stars unfurls with relentless intensity, drawing you into a high-stakes world where survival is paramount and alliances are forged under the weight of life-or-death decision. Mirroring the heart-pounding tension and socio-political complexities of The Hunger Games but with its own distinctive path, Chain Gang All Stars offers a gripping read for fans of moral dilemmas and high-stakes competitions.” -Russell, New Jersey
The Last Ranger cover image
Yellowface cover image
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store cover image
Let Us Descend cover image
The MANIAC cover image
Loot cover image
Holiday Lights

New Non-Fiction

2023 Bookseller Favorites

The Wager cover image

The Wager

By David Grann
“A fascinating true story about an 18th-century shipwreck off the coast of Patagonia. David Grann puts the reader directly into the hardship and struggles the sailors experienced. He vividly describes the hostile conditions on the island, the crew's desperate attempts to survive, and the moral compromises they choose to make. Educating as well as entertaining, this story has something for everyone: intrigue, suspense, plot twists and an ending I didn't see coming.” -Sherri, Denver
Soil cover image


By Camille T. Dungy
Soil is Dungy’s multilayered narrative of cultivating her Colorado garden. Both implicitly and explicitly political, it is an impassioned and galvanizing blend of nature writing, memoir, social criticism and environmental justice, all synthesized through the sensibility of a gifted poet. Much as I imagine the author’s garden to be, Soil is beautiful and nourishing. I especially enjoyed listening to Dungy’s audio version. Soil is truly a work of art.” -Sara, Connecticut
Poverty, by America cover image

Poverty, by America

By Matthew Desmond
"This is a thought-provoking book that provides a better image and understanding of the poor in America. Matthew Desmond urges the middle class and the rich to examine how their role in government and social policy creates class warfare.  The socially conscious as well as the Pragmatist will see the economic and social benefit of eradicating systemic poverty.  This book pushes the debate about wealth to the next level.” -Sherri, Denver
How to Say Babylon cover image

How to Say Babylon

By Safiya Sinclair
“Safiya gives us a unique look into a Rastafarian upbringing where the men in the household dictate the family rules. Even in a culture that tries to make women small, How to Say Babylon shows how the power of books and education can expand the opportunities of anyone who wants to escape a cycle of family trauma.” -Justin, Atlanta
Rocky Mountain High cover image
Airplane Mode cover image
The Woman in Me cover image
My Name is Barbra cover image
Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing cover image
The Creative Act cover image
Holiday Lights

Gift Books for Everyone on Your List

2023 Bookseller Favorites

Start Here cover image

Start Here

By Sohla El-Waylly
Change the way you think about cooking! In this epic guide to better eating, the chef, recipe developer, and video producer Sohla El-Waylly reimagines what a cookbook can be, teaching home cooks of all skill levels how cooking really works.
Mountain House cover image

Mountain House

By Nina Freudenberger
A stunning photographic collection of more than twenty mountain houses around the world that incorporate the surrounding ranges and vistas into their designs, from the author of Surf Shack and Bibliostyle.
The New Brownies Book cover image

The New Brownies' Book

By Karida L. Brown, Charly Palmer
Inspired by the groundbreaking work of W. E. B. Du Bois, this beautiful collection brings together an outstanding roster of Black creative voices to honor, celebrate, and foster Black excellence.
The Aloha Shirt cover image
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Minalima Edition) cover image
Guinness World Records 2024 cover image
The AVengers cover image
Seafood Simple cover image
1964: Eyes of the Storm image
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