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Our bookseller Sandra got the chance to ask one of her favorite authors five questions. Of course she couldn't stop at just five...
To find out more about Erik Larson and to see a list of his books, click here.  

1. You are so talented in bringing history to life, have you ever considered teaching the subject? What other profession would you pursue if writing was not an option?

I’ll answer the second part first: I can’t imagine doing anything else, except maybe trying to make a living as a painter. So I’d probably go to art school and get an MFA and live under a bridge until my paintings started selling. No doubt I’d end up spending a lot of time sketching the underside of the bridge. As to teaching: If you mean have I ever considered teaching history, not really. There are people who are natural teachers. I am not one of them.
Erik Larson quote

Seattle-Tacoma Hudson Booksellers

Seattle-Tacoma Hudson BooksellersWe are fortunate, at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, to offer 3 diverse Hudson Booksellers locations (A6, Central Terminal and C2) as well as 15 Hudson News locations and our specialty Kidsworks/Life is Good and Made in Washington stores. There is something for everyone, and we are proud to offer several local children's titles such as Wheedle on the Needle, Larry Gets Lost in Seattle and Good Night Seattle and an abundance of local authors, many of which are featured at .

Our Hudson Booksellers at A6 is a full-feature bookstore, including a large Kids Corner, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance, Classics, Business, Biography, History, Religion, and Self-Improvement sections in addition to Hudson's Bestsellers and Promotional Titles. You will find many staff recommendations and unique displays of our Read of the Month.

Seattle-Tacoma Kids CornerThe Flagship Hudson location in the Central Terminal is a bustling store featuring many upscale products as well as a comprehensive book selection. This new concept store is bright, sleek and spacious, offering travel essentials, electronics, healthy food options and entertaining music to shop by.

Hudson Booksellers at C2 offers a great a selection of books in a compact location. This store is connected to a Hudson News, giving the customers the best of both worlds. The C Terminal is home to Alaska and Horizon Airlines, with many business travelers and short-hop commutes. This lends to a greater level of repeat customers who come to expect a varied selection, staff recommendations and personal service.

Seattle is definitely a "well-read" city and we aim to keep it that way! See it Here, Buy it Here, Keep Books in Airports!
-Sandra, Bookstore Manager at SEA-TAC


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