Video Games

Sylvanas cover image
Shadows Rising cover image
Storm of Light cover image
The Order cover image
Starcraft 2: Flashpoint cover image
Starcraft 2: Devils' Due cover image

More Blizzard 


First-Person Shooters

Borderlands: The Fallen cover image
Borderlands #2: Unconquered cover image
Borderlands #3: Gunsight cover image
Countdown to War cover image
Rapture cover image
Escalation cover image
HALO: Fractures: Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon cover image
HALO: Envoy cover image
HALO: Retribution cover image

Third-Person Shooters

Aspho FieldsKaren Traviss
Jacinto's RemnantKaren Traviss
Anvil GateKaren Traviss
Coalition's EndKaren Traviss
The SlabKaren Traviss
RevelationDrew Karpyshyn
AscensionDrew Karpyshyn
RetributionDrew Karpyshyn
DeceptionWilliam C. Dietz

Action/Adventure and RPGs


RenaissanceOliver Bowden
BrotherhoodOliver Bowden
The Secret CrusadeOliver Bowden
RevelationsOliver Bowden
ForsakenOliver Bowden
Black FlagOliver Bowden
UnityOliver Bowden
God of WarMatthew Woodring Stover, Robert E. Vardeman
God of War IIRobert E. Vardeman


The Stolen ThroneDavid Gaider
The CallingDavid Gaider
AsunderDavid Gaider
The Masked EmpirePatricia Weekes
Last FlightLiane Merciel
The Balverine OrderPeter David
Edge of the WorldChristie Golden
The Infernal CityGreg Keyes
Lord of SoulsGreg Keyes