Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day (Paperback)

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“In this book you will find my voice, my vision, and all of the advice I willingly and happily share with anyone who seeks me out, sits in my chair, and asks me for help.  I hope it inspires you to be confident and beautiful; sexy and happy!”
 – Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo is known nationwide for his ability to give women hairstyles that bring out their individual beauty.  Every week millions of “What Not to Wear” viewers see him transform women’s outdated styles or unflattering cuts into fresh and contemporary looks.  Most importantly, he helps them to realize their true beauty potential.  He not only changes their hairstyles but changes the way they felt about themselves.


In GREAT HAIR, Nick Arrojo reveals his styling secrets so that women can better understand their hair type, assess what hair styles will work best for their hair, face shape, and lifestyle, and get a terrific new look. 

GREAT HAIR provides a complete education about hair including:

 Identifying your hair type and how that impacts cut, color, and styles - including ethnic hair

Understanding products and how to use them to their best advantage

A style guide with complete instructions on everything from blowouts to updos.

Guidelines on choosing a flattering hair color that will enhance, not overpower

Dispelling myths and outdated ideas about hair care

Featuring before and after shots of real women (not models) GREAT HAIR shows how any woman can find a style that will make her feel and look terrific.  Following Nick Arrojo’s advice in GREAT HAIR means no more bad hair days!


About the Author

Nick Arrojo has been working in the hair industry for 25 years and his pioneering approach to styling is recognized worldwide. His cutting edge work has been featured in print and television on countless occasions. As a top New York City hairdresser and stylist on TLC's hit show, "What Not to Wear," Nick is now a household name. Visit his website at

Product Details
ISBN: 9780312377434
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: September 30th, 2008
Pages: 272