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The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out Well (Paperback)

The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out Well By Martha Sears, RN, William Sears, MD, FRCP, Elizabeth Pantley Cover Image
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In this book, the Searses bring the reason and common sense of their philosophy of parenting to the hurdles of raising the older child.

Attachment parenting is not just for babies; as children grow, they need to expand the web of their secure attachments to friends, teachers, community and the wider world. As there is no single plan for any one family, the Searses show a range of ways a parent can retain a child's trust and wield a positive influence as their child matures. By following the advice laid out in this book, parents can see that the bonds they have nurtured since infancy will provide the anchor that will ground their children through the challenging teen years to adulthood.

About the Author

Martha Sears, RN and William Sears, MD, are the pediatrics experts to whom American parents turn for advice and information on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, childcare, and family nutrition. Martha Sears is a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator, and breastfeeding consultant.

Dr. Sears was trained at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital and Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, the largest children's hospital in the world. He has practiced pediatrics for nearly 50 years. Together, the Searses have authored more than 40 pediatrics books.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780316777490
ISBN-10: 0316777498
Publisher: Little, Brown Spark
Publication Date: March 27th, 2002
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: Sears Parenting Library