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A year after his divorce, Jayojit Chatterjee, an economics professor in the American Midwest, travels to his native Calcutta with his young son, Bonny, to spend the summer holidays with his parents. Jayojit is no more accustomed to spending time alone with Bonny who lives with his mother in California than he is with the Admiral and his wife, whose daily rhythms have become so synchronized as to become completely foreign to their son. Together, the unlikely foursome struggles to pass the protracted hours of summer, each in his or her own way mourning Jayojit's failed marriage. And as Jayojit walks the bustling streets of Calcutta, he finds himself not only caught between clashing memories of India and America, but also between different versions of his life, revisiting lost opportunity, realized potential, and lingering desire.
As he did in his acclaimed trilogy "Freedom Song, " Amit Chaudhuri lovingly captures life's every detail on the page while infusing the quiet interactions of daily existence with depth and compassion."

Praise For…

“Chaudhuri employs both art and risk…. The writing is lovely.”–The New York Times Book Review

“In an age in which many writers are doing the literary equivalent of handstands to catch out attention, Chaudhuri proceeds with quiet, unobtrusive confidence.”–Los Angeles Times

“Chaudhuri’s writing is spare, precise, detailed, and unsentimental.”–The Boston Globe

“With a keen eye for detail and a language full of subtle wisdom . . . Chaudhuri creates a panorama that is both splendorous and accurate.” –The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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ISBN: 9780375724800
ISBN-10: 037572480X
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: February 5th, 2002
Pages: 208
Language: English
Series: Vintage International