The New Basic Black: Home Training for Modern Times (Hardcover)

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A newly revised modern manual of manners and etiquette that has become an African American classic.
Unlike the more traditional etiquette books that many African Americans may find stodgy, off-putting, and culturally alien, "The New Basic Black "is for real people who live real lives and it addresses many of the issues of a growing black middle class. Straightforward, user-friendly, and illustrated with line drawings, "The New Basic Black" includes all the information any well-mannered person would want to know about the social rites of passage (marriage, birth, christening, death), the corporate workplace (standard work issues and the more delicate issue of race and its impact on a work environment), various occasions (having guests or being a guest at a summer home, etc.), and everyday rules and rituals that make living in hectic times a little easier. The revised edition of "The New Basic Black "also contains the intricacies of Internet etiquette, tips for travel in the post-9/11 age, and a wealth of other invaluable information that will make life more comfortable.
For singles and families alike, "The New Basic Black "takes the mystery out of conventional etiquette and will arm the reader with confidence in any situation.

About the Author

Karen Grigsby Bates is a correspondent for NPR s national news magazine "Day to Day." For several years, she wrote for "Time" magazine and was a contributing columnist to the "Los Angeles Times" Op Ed page. Bates is the author of "Plain Brown Wrapper" and "Chosen People," suspense novels featuring reporter-sleuth Alex Powell. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

Karen Elyse Hudson writes an advice column titled Talk to Me for the Wave Newspapers Group and is the author of a biography of her maternal grandfather, "Paul R. Williams, Architect: A Legacy of Style, "and a biography for young people, "The Will and the Way: Paul R. Williams, Architect. "She speaks extensively on etiquette, party planning, and architecture."

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“Covering such situations as how to handle yourself in a restaurant where you’ve received unacceptable treatment, common courtesies to be shown to household help and how to respond to racial harassment at work, Bates and Hudson offer a guide that will be of benefit to men and women, singles and families.” —Publishers Weekly

“Full of information about appropriate behavior at soirees of various sorts, from simple cocktail parties to formal dinners, and about how to plan parties, weddings, even tea parties, Bates and Hudson’s advice also includes less obvious subjects such as maintaining family and community ties, taking pride in one’s heritage, and coping with racial incidents at work. After an overview of basic rules, the authors cover communicating; life lessons; “Dating, Mating, and Begetting” ; planning events; and life milestones, closing with a Q & A section, dos and don’ts, a glossary, and a request for reader feedback. Each subject is discussed briefly and entertainingly, with solid common sense. A useful compendium.” —Booklist

“Hallelujah and amen for Basic Black! This engagingly written guide to the social behavior of our times is charming, wise, and truly quite helpful.” —Shirlee Taylor Haizlip, author of The Sweeter the Juice

Basic Black: Home Training for Modern Times…reminds us of the importance of grace.” —Benilde Little, author of Good Hair

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ISBN: 9780385516266
ISBN-10: 0385516266
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Publication Date: December 6th, 2005
Pages: 523
Language: English