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The New Megatrends: Seeing Clearly in the Age of Disruption (Hardcover)

The New Megatrends: Seeing Clearly in the Age of Disruption By Marian Salzman Cover Image
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A pioneering forecaster predicts the trends and technologies that will shape global culture and commerce in the next two decades—a must-read guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for an edge.

“In a world of half-baked hot takes, Marian Salzman is a true seer.”—Andrew Yang

A little more than twenty years ago, the Y2K computer glitch threatened to bring the global economy to its knees. But instead of overnight disruption, humankind slipped into two decades of economic turmoil, ecological angst, and tribalism, all set against the backdrop of a newly global and digital civilization. Sometimes the events that seem pivotal are just blips, while the more meaningful cultural shifts are hiding in plain sight. Marian Salzman’s job is to uncover those hidden shifts.

So what’s in store for the next two decades?

In this acutely observed guide, Salzman, whose past predictions have been heralded for coming uncannily close to the way we live now, unpacks the course of human life from the bumpy turn of the millennium through the pandemic era, when chaos and “together apart” are the new normal, equity has become a battle cry, and breathing space emerged as the greatest luxury of all.

Drawing inspiration from John Naisbitt’s classic 1982 book Megatrends, Salzman then turns to the two decades ahead. Navigating deftly among geographies, she connects threads across business, civic life, consumerism, family, and entertainment, revealing the trends and developments—some established, some surprising—poised to recast our past, shape our collective future, and shift our identities.

In a world dominated by disruption, being prepared for change is a critical advantage. The New Megatrends is gripping reading for anyone seeking to understand the shape and texture of the next era, which, above all, will be marked by its relentless pace, new technology, and the ever-present threats of climate change and political division.

About the Author

Marian Salzman has worked at the leading edge of advertising, public relations, and technology for more than three decades. Since co-founding the world’s first online market research company, she has served as a communications executive at companies in the United States and Europe. Her annual forecasting report on the coming year’s trends, released each November, garners global media attention. A graduate of Brown University and the recipient of numerous awards, Marian Salzman lives in Connecticut and Switzerland.

Praise For…

“In a world of half-baked hot takes, Marian Salzman is a true seer. In The New Megatrends, she trains her forecasting powers on the next two decades, predicting the consequences (and opportunities) of a world in which fast-moving new technologies are colliding with renewed tribalism and other challenges. This is a book for entrepreneurs, policymakers and anyone who wants a clear-eyed understanding of how the cultural winds are changing. (Hint, if you’re a fan of esports and 3D printers, the new isn’t all bad!)”—Andrew Yang, bestselling author of Forward

“Marian Salzman’s predictions are built on reams of data, deep engagement with history, a dash of intuition, and an extraordinary career spent identifying trends for some of the heaviest hitters in business. Wise, witty, and compulsively readable, this book will change the way you look at our present moment.”—Gus Wenner, CEO, Rolling Stone

“Marian Saltzman doesn’t simply show us our future, she helps us find our individual place within it. She never loses sight of the possibilities that emerge from each crisis to revolutionize how we live, work, and love. The New Megatrends is clear-eyed, a little bit terrifying, practical, and inspiring. It is exactly the book we need right now as each of us tries to make sense of the world ahead. If you’re looking for a guide to the Great Reset, this is it.”—Brooke Shields, New York Times bestselling author

“Long known for her third eye as a global trendspotter, Salzman’s must-read book synthesizes the events of the past few decades, from technology and politics to climate and polarization to paint an insightful, educated and entertaining look at our potential future. This should be mandatory reading for both leaders and concerned citizens.”—Lee Woodruff, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Taking us from Y2K to Y2K38, Marian Salzman expertly connects the dots between the incredibly accelerated development of information technology, the radical transformation of media, and changing global demographics, and makes a case for the trends that will shape the next twenty years. Remarkably researched and framed for maximum clarity, The New Megatrends will help decode the cultural changes that lie ahead.”—Fernanda Romano, chief marketing officer, Candy Crush

“The genius of Marian Salzman is that she knows the difference between inertia and momentum and can process countless inputs in order to tell you what is coming and what matters.”—Steve Clemons, editor at large, The Hill

Product Details
ISBN: 9780593239704
ISBN-10: 0593239709
Publisher: Crown Currency
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English