The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers (Hardcover)

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Daniel L. Schacter, chairman of Harvard University's Psychology Department and a leading expert on memory, has developed the Trst framework that describes the basic memory miscues we all encounter. Just like the seven deadly sins, the seven memory sins appear routinely in everyday life. Although we may hate these difTculties, as Schacter notes, they're surprisingly vital to a keen mind.
Schacter, whose previous trade book, SEARCHING FOR MEMORY, was called "splendidly lucid" (The New Yorker), offers vivid examples of the memory sins -- for example, the absent-mindedness that plagued both a national memory champion and a violinist who forgot that he had placed a priceless Stradivarius on top of his car before driving off. The author also delves into the recent research -- such as imaging that shows memories being formed in the brain -- that has led him to develop his framework. Together, the stories and the scientific findings examined in THE SEVEN SINS OF MEMORY provide a fascinating new look at our brains, and at what we more generally think of as our minds.
THE SEVEN SINS OF MEMORY is a groundbreaking work that will provide great reassurance to everyone, from twenty-somethings who find their lives are too busy, to baby boomers who mutter about "early Alzheimer's," to senior citizens who worry about how much (or how little) they can recall.

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"...Schacter guides his readers on a fascinating journey of the human mind." Library Journal

"A lively and well-written survey, spiced up with incidents from recent headlines." Kirkus Reviews

"Clear, entertaining and provocative....The book encourages a new appreciation of the complexity and fragility of memory." The Seattle Times

"Compelling in its science and its probing examination of everyday life...a delightful book, lively and clear." The Chicago Tribune

"Schacter offers insight into common malfunctions of the mind." USA Today

"Encourages a new appreciation of the complexity and fragility of memory and how it affects our daily lives." The Seattle Times

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ISBN: 9780618040193
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication Date: January 1st, 2001
Pages: 270