Lilac Dreams: My Journey from a Sewer Drain to the Boardroom (Paperback)

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Bonnie Hathcock never wanted anyone to know how humble her roots really were. As she sat in the mahogany boardroom of one of the largest corporations in the country, she worried about being worthy enough to be there. She had made it to the top as one of the highest ranking officers of a Fortune 100 corporation. She kept her background out of view, because she feared being looked down on. That was until the day she chose joy. Bonnie realized she was suspending the presence of joy in her life. She thought joy was something off in the future, when she wasn't working and when she didn't have so much pressure. Through a series of encounters with special people in her life, she realized she could be happy most of the time. She boldly embraced the pathway to unlocking her inner joy. It took work and practice. It began by confronting her shame: shame about her humble beginnings, her mistakes, and her limitations. In confronting her shame, she made a discovery that changed her life's perspective. Her past made her who she was and actually created the success she attained. In her struggles, she learned to overcome. In her disappointments, she learned how to hope. In the mistakes, she found how to be better. Bonnie wrote Lilac Dreams to share the story of her youth...with its mistakes, hardships, and struggles. Despite her circumstances, Bonnie still had her dreams. Dreams of making something of her life and dreams of going beyond her own limitations. Lilac Dreams is a book that will move you to look beyond your current circumstances, help you to push past your limitations, and affirm your worth in this world. Bonnie believes if she can do it, you can do it.

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ISBN: 9780692783245
ISBN-10: 0692783245
Publisher: Bonnie C. Hathcock
Publication Date: January 30th, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English