Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest (Paperback)

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If you were to judge this book by its title, Journey of the Pink Dolphins sounds like a fantasy novel more akin to fables of unicorns than a volume of top notch nature writing. In fact, even “nature writing” may be a misnomer for this insightful and poetic exploration of the wildlife and people of the Amazon. So little is known about river dolphins, that Sy Montgomery became determined to augment what information we have by tracking the pink animals known in Brazil as “boto” as they migrate. Yet, elusive as ever, the boto led Montgomery on a journey of her own through a vast region of South American jungle to encounter ancient legends, the heart of the Amazon conservation dilemma, and a whole lot of bugs.

— Sara, Atlanta


Scientists call them "Inia geoffrensis," an ancient species of toothed whale whose origin dates back about 15 million years. To the local people of the Amazon, pink river dolphins are "botos," shape shifters that, in the guise of human desire, can claim your soul and take you to the Encante, an enchanted underwater world.

As tributaries braid into a single river, "Journey of the Pink Dolphins" weaves ancient myth and modern science into one woman's search for these elusive creatures. Over four separate journeys, Sy Montgomery follows the dolphins, tracing their spiritual, historical, and environmental past, present, and future. Ancient legends tell us that dolphins have guided humans for millennia, and in "Journey of the Pink Dolphins," Montgomery answers their call, taking us to that perfect place where the Amazon melts into the forest, dolphins swim among treetops, and the twenty-first century dissolves into the beginning of time.

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ISBN: 9780743200264
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: March 1st, 2001
Pages: 320