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Dragons and Dwarves: Novels of the Cleveland Portal (Mass Market)

Dragons and Dwarves: Novels of the Cleveland Portal By S. Andrew Swann Cover Image
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Two novels in one volume.

An omnibus edition of Dragons of the Cuyahoga and The Dwarves of Whiskey Island

Kline Maxwell was a serious political reporter. He wasn't interested in working on "fuzzy gnome" stories, or any of the other unbelievable tales that should end up only in sensationalist rags. But twelve years ago a magical Portal had opened into Cleveland, a Portal that had ruined much of Cleveland's modern-day technology even as it released magical energy all over town. And suddenly there was a shift in the population as humans fled the burg while dwarves, elves, dragons, ogres, gnomes, mages, and every other denizen of the fantasy realm on the other side of the Portal began moving into town.

And whether he wanted to or not, Maxwell had found himself covering stories that sometimes took him far from his political beat and into way too much danger both magical and mundane. Still, he took his job seriously, and when he was assigned to cover a dragon's death by crash-landing into the Cuyahoga, he headed over to the accident site with only a few curses. But what should have been a simple accident report soon led Maxwell in search of a much bigger story—one that would see him kidnapped by elves, framed for murder, holding secret meetings with dragons, and fleeing not only from the cops but from pretty much everybody!

About the Author

S. Andrew Swann lives in the Greater Cleveland area. He has a background in mechanical engineering. He has published twenty-three novels over the past eighteen years, which include science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His latest series is his epic space opera, the Apotheosis trilogy. He can be found at

Praise For…

"A provocative world of deadly enchantment."

"A good energetic mystery, with a complicated plot and lots of chasing-down-the-leads fun."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Very well done contemporary fantasy."
-San Francisco Chronicle

Product Details
ISBN: 9780756405663
ISBN-10: 0756405661
Publisher: DAW
Publication Date: August 4th, 2009
Pages: 448
Language: English
Series: Cleveland Portal