Wolf Tales II (Paperback)

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Enter a world where pleasure is a rite of passage. . .
Tia Mason is an alluring--and very experienced--young woman. But she is naive of her heritage as Chanku, an ancient, highly sensual race of shapeshifters. It will be up to Luc Stone to introduce her to her feral birthright--and its thrilling rituals. For Luc is also Chanku, and a special agent in heir cadre, the Pack. And Tia is everything he wants in a mate. . .
The attraction is instant, their thirst unquenchable. As Luc moves Tia inexorably towards her destiny, he prepares to introduce her to the Pack--where her favors will belong to the others as well. By the time her test is through, Tia will have proven just how willing, adventurous, and truly Chanku she is. . .but one ultimate explosive experience still remains. . .
WARNING This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)

Product Details
ISBN: 9780758213877
ISBN-10: 0758213875
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Publication Date: July 2006
Pages: 251
Language: English