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Yourbook. . .guidedmethroughmyfirstcompletedmovie. --QuentinTarantino, on"ScareTactics"
From the Master of the Living Dead
John Russo's brilliantly chilling screenplay for the 1968 groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead helped pave the wave for the flesh-eating spectacles that have thrilled zombie fans for three generations. Here, for the first time in one volume, are two of the master's most gruesome and demented novels of gut-wrenching mayhem. . .
First, they captured small animals. Then, they moved on to bigger prey. Now the backwoods family that slays together stays together for one last midnight snack: a pair of unsuspecting travelers whose ritual torture and sacrifice will only intensify the demonic clan's cravings. . .for more.
Yeah, they're dead. . .they're all messed up.
Escape From The Living Dead
In an isolated roadside diner, a desperate group of strangers barricade themselves against a ravenous horde of undead customers who crave something more than the early bird special. They want flesh. Human flesh. With a side order of brains and stomach-turning terror.
A Two-for-One Feast for Hungry Horror Fans
"Anunrelievedorgyofsadism." --"Variety "on "Night of the Living Dead.
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Publication Date: September 24th, 2013
Pages: 362
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