Alien Invasion and Other Inconveniences (Hardcover)

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A polite race of telepathic killer aliens, a ten-second world conquest, and one teenage boy collide in this wry, gutsy adventure.

Jesse is in history class when a formidable, efficient race of aliens quietly takes over the earth in less time than it takes him to brush his teeth. Most humans simply fall asleep and never wake up. In moments, everyone Jesse knows and loves is gone, and he finds that he is now a slave to an inept alien leader. On the bright side, Jesse discovers he’s developing telepathic powers, and he’s not the only one. Soon he’s forging new friendships and feeling unexpectedly hopeful. When a mysterious girl appears in his dreams, talking about escaping, Jesse begins to think the aliens may not be invincible after all. But if Jesse and his friends succeed, is there anywhere left to go? Brian Yansky offers a funny, grim novel packed with everything boys and sci-fi fans love: aliens, humor, action, and a healthy dose of triumph.

About the Author

Brian Yansky is the author of My Road Trip to the Pretty Girl Capital of the World and Wonders of the World. He holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College and lives in Austin, Texas, where he teaches writing at Austin Community College.

Praise For…

Nothing if not action-packed, and yet it is provocative, profound, and wickedly funny as well. Yansky takes on questions philosophical, ecological (the Sanginians abhor machines and won't be cutting down any more rainforests; is the Earth better off?), religious, moral, and social. The satire is right on target.
—Horn Book

Effective worldbuilding. Plot is primary here: It’s carefully constructed for maximum suspense and the major literary characteristic in this certifiable page-turner…The climax is exciting and guaranteed to please readers.
—Kirkus Reviews

Yansky ably balances abject horror with grim, sharp humor, illustrating the fact that it is difficult, even in unimaginable circumstances, to be depressed and somber constantly.
—Bulletin of the Center of Children’s Books

Filled with thought-provoking topics, including slavery, colonization, technology, religion, and ecology, this short sci-fi read is as rewarding as it is entertaining.

[An] this exceptional, wryly funny, and often very powerful book.
—Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Product Details
ISBN: 9780763643843
ISBN-10: 076364384X
Publisher: Candlewick
Publication Date: October 12th, 2010
Pages: 240
Language: English
Series: Alien Invasion