Fermentation: The Life of Vivien Leigh (Paperback)

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Fermentation is an erotic novel about the senses, carnal pleasures, and one woman's insatiable appetite. Set in a French hill town during a searing heat wave, it is a surreal and sensual tale of desire, satisfaction, and need. In the midst of a scorching summer, the garbagemen go on strike, the air turns stagnant, and Fermentation's young narrator, Odissa, becomes pregnant by her boyfriend, a fire-eater. In the eerie calm of the drys relentless heat, she awakens to an incredible craving for cheese.From Brie to Parmigiano to Roquefort -- Odissa finds that satisfying her hunger spawns a series of incredibly erotic dreams and fantasies. And as her baby grows, so does her constant craving, until it appears that Odissa herself may be ripening.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780802135902
ISBN-10: 0802135900
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: September 14th, 1998
Pages: 144
Language: English