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Levi's Children: Coming to Terms with Human Rights in the Global Marketplace (Paperback)

Levi's Children: Coming to Terms with Human Rights in the Global Marketplace By Karl Schoenberger Cover Image
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Over the last decade, ugly allegations of corporate complicity in human-rights violations have exploded into one of the most controversial issues of our time. Companies are being held responsible by human-rights advocates for the injustices that are the unintended side effects of economic globalization: union repression in China, forced labor in Burma, child workers in Pakistan, and sweatshop abuse throughout the developing world. Using the story of Levi Strauss and Company as a guide, Karl Schoenberger offers a highly readable assessment of the challenge that the human-rights scourge poses to international business. Schoenberger is sensitive to the interests of activists, politicians, and multinationals, and as a result his call for active corporate engagement and rigorous accountability in promoting the rights of overseas workers carries enormous resonance. Simultaneously impassioned and evenhanded, Levi's Children is a work of profound importance, one that may help us chart our course in the next century. Thorough, well-informed and chatty ... Schoenberger's conclusion is intriguing. -- Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780802138125
ISBN-10: 0802138128
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: May 8th, 2001
Pages: 304
Language: English