The Natural Order of Things (Antunes) (Paperback)

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The Natural Order of Things is a tale of two families and the secrets that bind them. The voices of Antunes' characters -- an army officer being tortured in prison on charges of conspiracy; an elderly man, once a miner in Mozambique, now reduced to dreams of "flying underground"; a diabetic teenage girl and the middle-aged husband she despises; the officer's illegitimate sister, locked away to haunt the house like Bertha Rochester in Jane Eyre -- create a portrait of a disintegrating Portugal, a personal political history that attains the brilliance and surreality of Elias Canetti and Nikolai Gogol.

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ISBN: 9780802138132
ISBN-10: 0802138136
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: May 16th, 2001
Pages: 298
Language: English
Series: Antunes