Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective and the Burning Bombing of America (Acker) (Paperback)

Rip-Off Red, Girl Detective and the Burning Bombing of America (Acker) Cover Image
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Recently discovered and never before published, these two short novels were written in the early 1970s, at the beginning of Kathy Acker's writing career. Rip-off Red reads as a kind of Raymond Chandler for bad girls, as Acker's typical literary playfulness transforms the genre conventions of detective fiction into a book that is simultaneously a mystery and a personal, raunchy, and politically astute account of life in New York City. The Burning Bombing of America is a dystopian vision of the destruction of America, combining crypto-Socialist class critique with the visceral surreality of the Book of Revelation. Published together here, they reveal a young writer on a literary romp, imposing an original, sexy, and subversive worldview that is unmistakably Acker. They are a perfect introduction to Acker's oeuvre and essential for all Acker readers. "Kathy Acker's trancelike writing style peels away the layers of reality." -- San Francisco Chronicle "America's most beloved transgressive novelist." -- Spin "Acker is a postmodern Colette with echoes of Cleland's Fanny Hill." -- William S. Burroughs

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ISBN: 9780802139207
ISBN-10: 0802139205
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2002
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Acker