Ohitika Woman (Paperback)

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"Ohitika Woman might be the nonfiction find of the year." --Houston Chronicle
The beloved sequel to the now-classic Lakota Woman, Ohitika Woman follows Mary Brave Bird as she continues her powerful, dramatic tale of ancient glory and present anguish, of courage and despair, of magic and mystery, and, above all, of the survival of both body and mind. Coming home from Wounded Knee in 1973, married to American Indian movement leader Leonard Crow Dog, Mary was a mother with the hope of a better life. But, as she says, "Trouble always finds me." With brutal frankness she bares her innermost thoughts, recounting the dark as well as the bright moments in her always eventful life. She not only talks about the stark truths of being a Native American living in a white-dominated society but also addresses the experience of being a mother, a woman, and, rarest of all, a Sioux feminist. Filled with contrasts, courage, and endurance, Ohitika Woman is a powerful testament to Mary's will and spirit.

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ISBN: 9780802143396
ISBN-10: 0802143393
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2007
Pages: 274
Language: English