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Snowblind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade (Paperback)

Snowblind: A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade By Robert Sabbag Cover Image
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Robbert Sabbag's Snowblind, the true story of an American smuggler whose intricate, ingenious scams made him a legendary figure in the cocaine world of the late sixties and early seventies, is a modern classic. In this "witty, intelligent, fiercely stylish, drug-induced exemplary tale" (Los Angeles Times), Sabbag masterfully traces Zachary Swan's Roman-candle career, from his first forays into smuggling marijuana to his jaunts to Colombia to buy pure cocaine, and his ever more elaborate plans to outwit the police and customs officials. Updated by the author and featuring a newly designed cover, this captivating portrait of a dashing antihero and enthralling look at a turbulent age is sure to reach a new generation of readers.

Praise For…

One of the first books about the cocaine trade and it is still among the best.” Norman Mailer

A flat-out ballbuster. It moves like a threshing machine with a fuel tank full of ether. . . . Sabbag is a whip-song writer.” Hunter S. Thompson

One of the best books about drugs ever written.” Robert Stone

One of the most dazzling and spectacular pieces of reporting I have ever read.” Nora Ephron

An extremely rare cut of dry wit, poetry, rock-hard fact and relentless insight.” Rolling Stone

A triumphant piece of reporting.” The New Yorker

A witty, intelligent, fiercely stylish, drug-induced exemplary tale.” Los Angeles Times

The ultimate slide down the precipice of hip.” Susan Brownmiller

A classic.The National Review

After reading Robert Sabbag’s Snowblind, one is overcome with a sense of having finally understood America. It is that rare kind of book that compels a reader to call up all of his friends and read passages to them over the telephone. It is destined to become an American classic.” Claude Brown, Jr.

A beautifully written book.” Rita Mae Brown

The most authentic story of the big-time cocaine trade that has hit print, and Sabbag tells it with novelistic razzle-dazzle, setting down knife-sharp scenes as the action moves: Mexico, New York’s big hotels, Harlem streets, Bogota’s high and low-life . . . scenes and characters that make your skin crawl. A compelling read.” Publishers Weekly

It’s excellent . . . characters leaping to life right out of Hemingway and Damon Runyon, and everywhere, supercharging, that fine electric dust of Cordilleran snow. I hate to think of what Sabbag must have gone through to write it.” Richard Rhodes

An immensely entertaining book.” Newsweek

Alternately scary and funny, wherein an incident or an insight is compressed and polished to an impressive sheen.” Baltimore Sun

This is a glorious and glittering piece of craftsmanshiplike good surgical steel . . . an exciting, living storybeautifully told, addictively readable, and as urgent as a siren coming to a sinister stop in front of where we all live.” Davis Grubb

Fascinating.Houston Chronicle

Rip-roaring . . . a marvelous, cheerful adventure of modern times.”Washington Star

It’s a challenge to put the book down.” Florida Times-Union

The style is charged with energy.” Boston Phoenix

Robert Sabbag is one beautiful writer.” Nashville Banner

An impeccably researched, carefully written book that reads at times like an adventure story.” Worcester Telegram

A meticulous study . . . fascinating.Library Journal

Hip and often very funny . . . provocative . . . and utterly convincing.” Miami Herald

Product Details
ISBN: 9780802144942
ISBN-10: 0802144942
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: June 8th, 2010
Pages: 368
Language: English