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The Cry of the Owl (Paperback)

The Cry of the Owl By Patricia Highsmith Cover Image
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In a small Pennsylvania town, Robert Forrester is recuperating from a nasty divorce and a bout of psychological trouble. One evening, while driving home, he sees a pretty young woman framed by her bright kitchen window. Soon, he can't keep himself away. But when Robert is inevitably discovered, obsession is turned on its head, and he finds himself unable to shake the young woman, nor entirely sure whether he should. Recently made into a major motion picture starring Julia Stiles and Paddy Considine, The Cry of the Owl is essential Highsmith, a modern classic ready to be reborn.

Praise For…

Praise for The Cry of the Owl

Kafka with a vengeance.” The Spectator (London)

Highsmith generates suspense out of a different sort of fear: not the fear of death, which drives most crime-centered entertainment, but the pettier, more intimate dread of humiliation, of being caught on the street with nothing on....There’s something else here, hard to identify, pulling us along relentlessly, as thrillers doan undertow, a surge of third-rail current.” The New Yorker

The Cry of the Owl is a deceptively easy stroll toward personal chaos and destruction. It is thoroughly chilling because nothing seems farfetched. Odd, yes, but believable. . . . The Cry of the Owl is creepy and unsettling, a taut psychological thriller.” Detroit Free Press

One of her lesser-known works and one of her most unsettling. Which is saying plenty. The crime writer Elmore Leonard has written a host of novels with the same basic plot: Plans go wrong. The story message driving all of Highsmith’s work is similarly simple and clear: We live on thin ice. Highsmith revolts some readers, yet hypnotizes many others. She’s sui generis, a writer of almost occult power.” Richard Rayner, Los Angeles Times

[A] sinister, moody psychological novel. a dreadful atmosphere of growing menace lurks over the story as its damaged, emotionally disturbed characters interact and form dangerous, obsessive relationships. This is a Highsmith tour-de-forcea must read for those who’ve tested Highsmith territory with the Ripley novels. The Cry of the Owl moves with precision skill to its stunning conclusion.” MostlyFiction

Product Details
ISBN: 9780802145154
ISBN-10: 0802145159
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: July 12th, 2011
Pages: 272
Language: English