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The Weight of Numbers (Paperback)

The Weight of Numbers By Simon Ings Cover Image
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The Weight of Numbers describes the metamorphosis of three people: Anthony Burden, a mathematical genius destroyed by the beauty of numbers; Saul Cogan, transformed from prankster idealist to trafficker in the poor and dispossessed; and Stacey Chavez, ex-teenage celebrity and mediocre performance artist, hungry for fame and starved of love. All are haunted by Nick Jinks, a malevolent curse of a man who seems to be everywhere at once. As a grid of connections emerge between a dusty philosophical society in London and an African revolution, between international container shipping and celebrity-hosted expos's on the problems of the Third World--this novel sends the specters of the Baby Boom's liberal revolutions floating into the unreal estate of globalization and media overload--with a deadly payoff.The Weight of Numbers is an artful and deadly novel that traces the secret histories and paranoid fantasies of our culture into a future globalized in ways both liberating and hideous, full of information and empty of meaning. Simon Ings has delivered a storytelling tour de force that will alter some of your most cherished beliefs.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780802170309
ISBN-10: 0802170307
Publisher: Grove Press, Black Cat
Publication Date: February 21st, 2007
Pages: 432
Language: English