Churchill's Shadow Raiders: The Race to Develop Radar, World War II's Invisible Secret Weapon (Hardcover)

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From award-winning war reporter Damien Lewis comes a blistering account of one of the most daring raids of WWII—and the top-secret weapon that changed the course of history . . .
In the winter of 1941, as Britain faced defeat on all fronts, an RAF reconnaissance pilot photographed an alien-looking object on the French coast near Le Havre. The mysterious device—a “Wurzburg Dish”—appeared to be a new form of radar technology: ultra-compact, highly precise, and pointed directly across the English Channel. Britain’s experts found it hard to believe the Germans had mastered such groundbreaking technology. But one young technician thought it not only possible, he convinced Winston Churchill that the dish posed a unique and deadly threat to Allied forces, one that required desperate measures—and drastic action . . .
So was launched Operation Biting, a mission like no other. An extraordinary “snatch-and-grab” raid on Germany’s secret radar installation, it offered Churchill’s elite airborne force, the Special Air Service, a rare opportunity to redeem themselves after a previous failed mission—and to shift the tides of war forever. Led by the legendary Major John Frost, these brave paratroopers would risk all in a daring airborne assault, with only a small stretch of beach menaced by enemy guns as their exit point. With the help of a volunteer radar technician who knew how to dismantle the dish, as well as the courageous men and women of the French Resistance, they succeeded against all odds in their act of brazen robbery. Some would die. Others would be captured. All fought with resolute bravery . . .
This is the story of that fateful night of February 27, 1942. A brilliantly told, thrillingly tense account of Churchill’s raiders in their finest hour, this is World War II history at its heart-stopping best.

About the Author

Damien Lewis is an award-winning historian, war reporter, and bestselling author. He spent over two decades reporting from war, disaster, and conflict zones around the world, winning numerous awards. He has written more than a dozen books about WWII, including The Ministry for Ungentlemanly Warfare, The Dog Who Could Fly, SAS Ghost Patrol, and The Nazi Hunters. His work has been published in over forty languages, and many of his books have been made, or are being developed as feature films, TV series, or as plays for the stage.

Praise For…

“Intensely researched and powerfully written. One of the great untold stories of WWII.”
—Bear Grylls on SAS Ghost Patrol
“You couldn’t make these stories up, yet they’re true, and Lewis does the memory of these extraordinary men full justice in a tale that is both heart-stopping and moving.”
Evening Standard on Hunting Hitler’s Nukes
“A valuable addition to World War II history, and a harbinger of the sort of war that the United States and other countries are learning to wage in the 21st century.”
Washington Times on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
“One of the most extraordinary stories of World War II . . . a Howitzer of a tale.”
The Daily Mail on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
“An enjoyable, thought-provoking read.”
Soldier Magazine on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
“A truly astonishing story.”
Weekend Sport on The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
“Takes us into into the heart of clandestine battles.”
—Frederick Forsyth on Bloody Heroes
“A gripping story.”
—General Sir Mike Jackson on Bloody Heroes
“Suspensful and well-written . . . vividly recounts the soldier’s fatigue, stress and fear.” Kirkus Reviews on Zero Six Bravo

"Lewis presents a richly detailed and nail-biting tale. For readers who enjoy well-told history and scholars of World War II."

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Publication Date: April 28th, 2020
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