Full Circle: A True Story of Murder, Lies, and Vindication (Hardcover)

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It began as a robbery. A man dressed as a phone repairman knocked on the door of coin collector Ed Davies. Once inside, the stranger pulled a gun on Ed and his wife, Grace, handcuffed and hogtied the couple and opened the door for his partner. After filling six suitcases with silver and gold coins, they fatally shot Davies in the head twice and his wife once, then fled. Hours later, with a bullet lodged in her head, Grace crawled out to the sidewalk where a neighbor found her.

Eventually the killers were found, tried and convicted of murder. Trying to get a reduced sentence, one told the prosecutor that a third year law student named Gloria Killian was the mastermind of the crime. The prosecutor went after her with zeal, and she was tried, convicted and sent to jail, all the while proclaiming she knew nothing of the crime. While in jail, she began advocating for the humane treatment and release of women in prison.

Ten years later, one of the defense attorneys discovered massive exculpatory evidence, hidden documents, prosecutorial misconduct and perjury. Then Gloria Killian's own fight for freedom began.

Full Circle, tells for the first time, the riveting story of a shocking murder that involves Hells Angels, misguided cops, backroom deals, profound lies and life and death sentences. Relentless, exciting and gripping, this true story shows how a life can be ruined in a split second. Finally, Full Circle makes the terrifying point that what happened to Killian can happen to anyone.

About the Author

Gloria Killian was a third year student at McGeorge Law School when she was convicted of murder. In prison she became a jailhouse lawyer, creating with the University of Southern California the first Law Project in a California women's prison. Since her release, Killian has become a worldwide prison activist. She has appeared before the United States Congress. She has lectured at USC Law School, Loyola Law School, Southwestern Law School, Vanguard University and Arizona State University. She is Executive Director of The Action Committee Women in Prison (ACWIP)and hosts a weekly internet radio show on www.blogtalkradio.can/4justicenow. Sandra Kobrin is a journalist, columnist, screenwriter and television producer who began her career at The New York Times. Her investigative stories have appeared in the Los Angeles Times as well as Newsday, ESPN, Women's Day and more. She writes a nationally syndicated column for www.womensnews.org and served as Managing Interactive Editor for Los Angeles Daily News and seven other newspapers. She teaches at UCLA. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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ISBN: 9780882823768
ISBN-10: 0882823760
Publisher: New Horizon Press
Publication Date: April 10th, 2012
Pages: 316
Language: English