Nate Poecrasto (Paperback)

Nate Poecrasto Cover Image
By Angelo Christopher Moore, Masie Mizuyama (Illustrator), Willy Arzu (Designed by)
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Angelo Moore, the lead singer the band FISHBONE brings you this story of a man named "Nate Poe Crasto" which revels a life lesson learned as he battles with, falls prisoner to and eventually parishes under the relentless heavy weight of the habitual burdensome demon of procrastination. Because of Mr. Poe Crasto's inability to remain focused steadiast and punctual he missed out on a date with ring a ding Cajun soul sistah drop dead sexy lady of leisure Ms. Tina on Time, for whom which Nate has quickly fallen blindly into a heartthrobingly head over heals stupid in love with her. As well as being so late he missed out on his one and only chance to get into heaven by way of pearly gates because he procrastinated. Illustrations by Japans own, Masie Mizuyama.

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ISBN: 9780976851813
ISBN-10: 0976851814
Publisher: Wondernote Publishing
Publication Date: October 13th, 2006
Pages: 68
Language: English