Think and Grow Rich: The Consultant and Knowledge Workers Edition (Paperback)

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If you are a consultant or a knowledge worker with a desire to become rich, reading and applying what you will learn from this book will increase your chances of success dramatically. This revised and enhanced version of the timeless "Think & Grow Rich" classic by Napoleon Hill has been developed specifically for consultants and knowledge workers to help you to apply the original techniques and strategies to your chosen career for tremendous success. In addition to the original book from Napoleon Hill, this enhanced version provides you with extra content by summarizing the timeless principles discovered by Napoleon Hill in each chapter. It then goes further by explaining how you can apply these principles specifically to your career as a consultant or knowledge worker. Millions of people have already used the wisdom, techniques and principles in this book to improve their lives while increasing their financial fortunes considerably. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same and creating the dream life of abundant success you desire. It is full of specialized practical applications of the tested principles that can help you jump start your career and fast track your success. If you really want to become rich, this book will show you how You will discover how easily you can: - Receive mentorship and advice from 504 of the world's wealthiest people who have used it to build their million-dollar companies and that you can start applying TODAY - Discover 6 Practical Steps in transforming your desires, dreams or goals into very real results - Quickly Overcome Doubts and Strip Away Money Stress - Master a 5-Step Self-Confidence Formula that will allow you to have an upper hand in any business negotiations - Find out your "QQS" Rating and learn how you can make your services more desirable in the eyes of your clients - Learn the one Reason of Success that explains why someone, who is often considered "ignorant" by society's standards can make a fortune, leaving the "smart" guys behind - Organize your Priorities so that you can spend more time with your family - And much-much more... Think & Grow Rich has sold over 70,000,000 copies worldwide making it the best selling self development book in the history of mankind and the seventh best selling book in the world. What are you waiting for?

About the Author

Many clients, including very successful Consultants, fondly refer to Toks as the "Consultants Consultant" due to the tremendous value they consistently get from his advice, newsletters, speeches and seminars. He has a detailed understanding of the Consultancy business coupled with an uncanny ability to transfer his extensive knowledge and experience while motivating and inspiring people to achieve levels of success they never believed was possible with their life and business. Toks is the founder of the Consultants Academy (, a coaching and training organisation dedicated to helping aspiring and existing Consultants acquire the skills, techniques and strategies required to grow their business considerably and increase profit dramatically. He is a Consultant, an Author and a Serial Entrepreneur with experience of creating and successfully managing a number of consultancy firms. These include an IT Consultancy Company; a Financial Technology Consultancy and a Technology Recruitment Consultancy. He has been retained to advise Governments and has also advised Non-Profits on growth strategies. He has 18 years experience covering consultancy, entrepreneurship and technology. As an author, he has written a number of books including - Technology Consultants Success Manual: The Path to Wealth for Technology Consultants, Think & Grow Rich: The Consultants and Knowledge Workers edition; Think& Grow Rich Workbook for Consultants and Knowledge Workers and the Rich Consultant Success Secrets: Seven Keys to Wealth, Joy & Fulfilment for Consultants. He has won a number of awards and prizes including the GAB Entrepreneur of the Year Award and has been featured regularly in the press including the Young Managers list and the Information & Communication Technology Apostles list. He has a degree in Computing Studies, a Masters degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design and is also an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School. He started his career as an Analyst Programmer with a consultancy start-up in the City of London and rose to become a Consultant to many Investment Banks. He subsequently left to become one of the highest paid IT Consultants in the City at the time. Toks is passionate about teaching people how to monetize their skills, knowledge and experience as a Consultant. He occasionally accepts a few speaking engagements depending on his busy schedule. To contact Toks:

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ISBN: 9780985820954
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Publication Date: July 25th, 2012
Pages: 372
Language: English