Bravery, Bullies, & Blowhards: Lessons Learned in a Montana Classroom (Paperback)

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"Strengths' book is a clear picture of workplace bullying in academics" Drew Mitchell the Examiner "... severe examples of workplace bullying and harassment." Steven Hunt, Senior Producer, SDC Video Productions, Ottawa, Canada "The arc of Bravery, Bullies, & Blowhards: Lessons Learned in a Montana Classroom inspires hope." Torii Bottomley Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill Illustrates the dysfunctional atmosphere in one Montana school district. But, in reality, it could probably be any school district in any state of the union. Every school has its secrets. Every school has its malcontents. In order to write this book, the author had to take a long journey in search of understanding. Why did the administration react the way they did? What were the underlying problems that led to their strange behavior? What was it about her background and personality that led her to react as she did? At the end of the journey she realized that school safety was paramount. And parents, teachers and taxpayers all need to understand the pervasive atmosphere found in many schools. It was an atmosphere in which petty tyrants often rule. Those that wish to gain a better understanding of the after-effects of physical or psychological abuse will find this book to be a useful tool. The story is told with candor and honesty and may evoke emotions that are rarely expressed by a target. Sadly, the actions and/or inactions by management are often used to destroy talented and effective employees and many perpetrators remain employed - or promoted. Unfortunately, many will suffer after-effects and will never enter the workplace again. Some will develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)-the invisible injury. Bravery, Bullies, and Blowhards: Lessons Learned in a Montana Classroom attempts to lead the reader to that "aha" moment in which they can first understand and then stop abuse and/or bullying in the workplace.

About the Author

AUTHOR, ADVOCATE, ENTREPRENEUR & SPEAKER Lorna Stremcha is the author of two books, an award-winning educator, and coach, an advocate against school/workplace abuse/bullying, sexual harassment and domestic and sexual violence. She is a listed speaker for Bullying Police USA and one of the first eleven individuals to co-author the Healthy Workplace Act in the United States. She is a contributing author of the world-famous e-book, What Every Target of Workplace Bullying needs to Know. Lorna's first book, Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight a woman-to-woman recipe for life, helps readers use their own life experiences to create positive change. Her second book, Bravery, Bullies & Blowhards lessons learned in a Montana classroom is a frank and eye-opening look inside the Montana educational system. As a Life Coach, Lorna shares her professional and life experiences with others to help them live a healthier life. Her goal is to encourage people to "Thrive not just Survive". Mentoring is the name of the game. Plan! Love! Live!

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ISBN: 9780991309931
ISBN-10: 0991309936
Publisher: Resolutions!
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2014
Pages: 246
Language: English