Only One Shot: Creating a Disciplined, Defined and Loving Environment for Junior Golfers (Paperback)

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Elite, competitive, gritty, healthy competitors are made; they are not managed into existence. Tomorrow's generation of athletes will be made primarily by the good judgment and keen discrimination of parents, mentors, and coaches. None of these will be more important than the support a junior golfer receives from home. In Only One Shot, V. J. Trolio, one of the world's foremost experts on coaching and developing junior golfers, presents his proven process to create a disciplined, structured, and loving environment for junior golfers and prepare them for success.

Time and Patience are the two primary ingredients of wisdom for nurturing young golfers. Inside these pages you will find a coach of young athletes in golf for the past twenty years. He gives you researched facts the he applies to young athletes and their teams. The secret is to recognize the difference between intention and emphasis and how to apply it appropriately and consistently. You will also find the untold story of one young athlete that grew into a five-time champion on the PGA Tour and a Ryder Cup hero. You will be able to see behind the curtain of a world-class career and the important role played by those that surround and nurture the athlete. These two, a coach and an athlete, do not wish to persuade you; but instead they wish to push you to think.

This is more than a great story or entertaining read. It is an approach, a mindset, and a guide that you will use to define, create, and apply to your young athlete. All heroes need a guide and sometimes that guide has "Only One Shot." This book is dedicated to you, the guide. With inspiring insight from the untold story of professional golfer Jim Gallagher Jr.

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Publication Date: July 12th, 2019
Pages: 208
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