The Hate Project (Paperback)

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Eros Williams, the child of Wesley and Oliver Williams, has a lot to live up to--The Love Project, for one. With a name like Eros, it's hard not to wonder if you'll ever find your perfect match. But with an incredible boyfriend and a happy life, she's pretty sure things will all work out just fine--until they don't. When her parents decide it's time for a family-filled holiday, her perfect life starts to unravel, primarily because her archnemesis, Logan Harrison, is part of that family.

The Godbrother she never wanted and couldn't stand, has made it his mission to annoy Eros every chance he gets. Their arguments often stress the family, so Eros decides to try her own project during the holiday--figure out how not to hate the boy everyone else loves.

Things do not start on a high note, and they go from bad to worse when Eros discovers her Godbrother's new girlfriend is Meredith, the girl who once shoved her in a locker and bullied her daily.

When Eros receives some bad news about her boyfriend, she starts to wonder if her perfect life was really so great after all. Does love really exist, and can it be as pure and simple as the love her parents share? Or was her mother right in the beginning--love is an illusion?

Throw in Logan's mysterious best friend, Max--including his freckles, dimples, and adorable grin--and Eros is in for a bumpy ride.

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ISBN: 9781393881025
ISBN-10: 1393881025
Publisher: Mj Padgett Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 214
Language: English