Sticks and Stones (Paperback)

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In a barren landscape, an empire is about to rise and an epic struggle is about to unfold. "Sticks and Stones" illuminates this earth-shaking tale without a single word. It is as elemental as hieroglyphics, a timeless story for all ages.
In "Sticks and Stones," Peter Kuper has created a picture story of epic proportions. It is an intricate tale of birth and death, war and peace, artfully told without a single word. "Sticks and Stones" chronicles the rise of an empire and the consequences of hubris. This is a timeless allegory and a coutionary tale for our present-day world.
"Given that Peter Kuper's work is usually wordless and silent, it is all the more extraordinary that he should be one of the strongest and truest radical voices to emerge from contemporary America. In "Sticks and Stones," Kuper crafts a Bush-era parable so beautiful, simple, and lucid that it could be understood and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of nationality. This is a powerful, angry, and compassionate document, and in its perfectly measured silence there resides a profound human eloquence. Highly recommended." --Alan Moore, author of "Watchmen" and "From Hell.
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ISBN: 9781400052578
ISBN-10: 1400052572
Publisher: Broadway Books
Publication Date: October 12th, 2004
Pages: 128
Language: English