They Just Don't Get It: How Washington Is Still Compromising Your Safety--And What You Can Do about It (Paperback)

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Colonel David Hunt has dedicated his career to fighting terrorism. A U.S. Army veteran for nearly thirty years, he has helped take out an active terrorist camp, trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, and served as security adviser to six different Olympic Games.
And Colonel Hunt is angry. Why? Because even after the attacks on our country and on Americans around the world, the people charged with protecting us--the politicians and the bureaucrats in the military and in intelligence--still aren't getting the job done. In They Just Don't Get It, you'll learn:
- How many of the government's recent -reforms- are actually counterproductive
- How we can fight this war and still safeguard our civil liberties and the American way of life
- What you can do to keep your family safe
- How to fix the intelligence disaster (and yes, the politicians in D.C. still haven't fixed it)
As politicians posture and pundits bicker, we're losing sight of the problem: We're still not equipped to win the war on terror. Hunt shows us there are changes we can make at every level--as individual citizens, as a government, and as a military power--in order to win the war on terror and ensure our survival as a free, proud, and strong nation.

About the Author

Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a designated terrorism expert in federal court and a military analyst for the Fox News Channel. A former senior research fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, he lives in Maine.

Praise For…

“If President Bush is really serious about winning the War on Terror, he needs to read They Just Don’t Get It immediately. And you do too.” —Bill O'Reilly

“Exposes politicians and bureaucrats as sabotaging the war on terror and putting Americans at risk.” —Washington Times

“Colonel David Hunt knows the facts and always shoots straight. In They Just Don’t Get It, he shows how bureaucrats and politicians don’t fully grasp the dangers we face in the War on Terror. Hunt reveals that the threats we face are frightening, but he also presents a prescription for fixing the problems.” —Bill Gertz, Washington Times reporter, bestselling author of Treachery and Breakdown

“This is a book that pantywaist politicians, weak-kneed bureaucrats, and politically correct Pentagon brass will run from—because it’s right on! Dave Hunt tells it like it is, and America should listen. We’re at war. We should plan on winning. But to do so will require changes in the way Washington, the government, and the military do business. Hunt lays it all out in a book that’s damned hard to put down once you start it!” —Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan (USMC, Ret.), Fox News military analyst

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ISBN: 9781400097425
ISBN-10: 1400097428
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
Publication Date: April 25th, 2006
Pages: 272
Language: English