War Dogs (Compact Disc)

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By Greg Bear, Jay Snyder (Read by)
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From a master of science fiction comes an epic interstellar tale of war.

They came in peace, bearing gifts.

The Gurus were a highly advanced species who brought amazingly useful and sophisticated technology to the human race. There was, of course, a catch. They warned of a far more malevolent life form, beings who have hounded the Gurus across the cosmos.

The media have taken to calling them the Antagonists-or Antags-and they have already established a beachhead on Mars.

For all they have done for us, the Gurus now need our help.

Enter Master Sergeant Michael Venn, a veteran Skyrine who is dropped onto the Red Planet with his band of brothers on a mission to turn back the Antag tide.

But the Skyrines will face impossible odds just to survive-let alone make it home alive.

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ISBN: 9781478957591
ISBN-10: 147895759X
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: October 14th, 2014
Language: English