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As the Kransen house lays still and vacant, years of abandonment has caused structural damage along with dilapidated decaying pipes underneath the framework. An unnoticed subtle current of tiny bacterial infested flakes begin to flow from below the home into a lake that is a popular attraction for the town of Flening. One event structured around the lake is a town celebration called Bonanza. As chemicals continue to empty into the body of water, it begins its toxin release into the bloodstream of innocent people attending the festival and enjoying Still Lake. In a short amount of time the urban area is vastly populated with the infection. An increase in aggressive behavior is apparent after levels of lead, and traces of mercury and copper find human hosts to inhabit. One of those hosts happens to be Chuck, son to Minister Benson who has directed the local church for many years. The descendant has crafted an underlying sinister plan to gain full control over the assemblage using whatever means necessary. As the local contamination feeds on the youth, voices in his head coerce an overthrow of power in the name of religion. As the toxicants reaches its peak, a horrifying conclusion between good and evil takes center stage.
Sara Brooke's passion for scary things as a young reader has transformed into a talent of creativity and writing. These combinations have resulted in her first novel Still Lake, a twisted tale that begins with a bang and evolves into a detailed onslaught of polluted water that worms its way into a fear of chemical sickness and death. Witnessing the environmental threat slowly decay the mind and well-being of individuals, Sara turns into a personal tour guide and depicts the decline of mental functions, mood disorders, and schizophrenia as no one else can. The characters are displayed foremost as the balance of good and evil provide a solid background with an addition of elemental hazards. Given the ability to obtain the knowledge that is obscured by the personage creates an uneasiness that gradually crescendos into an unforgettable chilling read. All these components combine an aggressive tension that builds during the storyline. As underlying preparations for the oncoming twists and turns are brilliantly placed throughout the novel, Sara makes sure the reader is buckled in for a white knuckled ride of horror and suspense.

— Mike, Albuquerque

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ISBN: 9781481001489
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date: December 1st, 2012
Pages: 252