Night of the Animals Lib/E (Compact Disc)

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By Bill Broun, Ralph Lister (Read by)
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Homeless, Flot-addicted Cuthbert Handley forms an unlikely bond with his physician / therapist Dr. Bajwas as the last living animal inhabitants of the London Zoo are threatened by a newly discovered comet nearing Earth. Taking place in 2052, author Bill Broun's novel Night of the Animals cleverly conducts a well orchestrated visit to a mentally futuristic ark that bides in the mind of main character Cuthbert Handley. Species such as otters, lions, and bears begin speaking to Handley to set them free formulating an omen that will unfold in front of the reader like a warped Kipling dream.

— Mike, Albuquerque


In this imaginative debut, the tale of Noah's Ark is brilliantly recast as a story of fate and family, set in a near-future London.

Over the course of a single night in 2052, a homeless man named Cuthbert Handley sets out on an astonishing quest: to release the animals of the London Zoo. When he was a young boy, Cuthbert's grandmother had told him he inherited a magical ability to communicate with the animal world--a gift she called the Wonderments. Ever since his older brother's death in childhood, Cuthbert has heard voices. These maddening whispers must be the Wonderments, he believes, and recently they have promised to reunite him with his lost brother and bring about the coming of a Lord of Animals . . . if he fulfills this curious request.

Cuthbert flickers in and out of awareness throughout his desperate pursuit. But his grand plan is not the only thing that threatens to disturb the collective unease of the city. Around him is greater turmoil, as the rest of the world anxiously anticipates the rise of a suicide cult set on destroying the world's animals along with themselves.

Meanwhile, Cuthbert doggedly roams the zoo, cutting open the enclosures, while pressing the animals for information about his brother. Just as this unlikely yet loveable hero begins to release the animals, the cult's members flood the city's streets. Has Cuthbert succeeded in harnessing the power of the Wonderments, or has he only added to the chaos--and sealed these innocent animals' fates?

Night of the Animals is an enchanting and inventive tale that explores the boundaries of reality, the ghosts of love and trauma, and the power of redemption.

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ISBN: 9781504735070
ISBN-10: 1504735072
Publisher: Ecco Press
Publication Date: July 5th, 2016
Language: English